An Indian customer from Huaer refrigeration company

RELEASE TIME:2017-4-21

Before the Alibaba has been on the communication of the guests, he came from India, in the eyes of foreign trade, the Indians have always liked to bargain, but in his first visit to our factory, completely changed my idea.

One day the manager with a chin with long bearded middle-aged man came to see the product, visual that the middle-aged man has more than four years old, hair a little white, to see his skin seems to come from India this country.

After leading the guests to visit the exhibition hall and production workshop, the guests seem to have a sense of satisfaction, it seems that things progress very smoothly. And then in the product album to draw a few circles, indicating that several products, and made changes to the requirements, I have one by one down.

After returning home, we immediately confirmed the order with us, and said that China recently paid a one-time payment, but also the yuan. My day, that is, this time I completely changed the Indians, and my previous understanding of the Indian people will buy things every bargain, do not cut half are sorry for their own. After two days of payment, guests should be asked to take him and his sons Guangzhou day tour, between such generous payment, I carefully arranged a few special attractions, Zhongshan Memorial Hall, Guangdong Provincial Museum, Xiaoman Yao, large Theater, white horse shopping city, the Pearl River night tour. Slowly day tour let customers feel our sincerity, of course, back to India's local food to me, as the gift, we understand each other's mind